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 Lill_Wayne [ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Lill_Wayne [ACCEPTED]   Lill_Wayne [ACCEPTED] Icon_minitimeThu Dec 03, 2009 5:54 am

Ingame name: Lill_Wayne
Age: 16
Rate your shooting skills in:
1- Running weps: 7/10
2- Walking weps: 6 /10
Country: Denmark
How did you know [UB]: Jets
Have you joined any other clan before? No
Why did you leave them? N/A
Have you considered joining any other clans? (If yes, which clans, and why?): No
Why do you want to join [UB]: Am Looking For A good clan to join
Will you be loyal to the clan? Yes. I am Very loyal to all freinds
Which servers do you play on? [UB], LW
Which bugs/glitches/hacks you know/did you use them? No, I Do Not Cheat
Extra info: I'm looking for an active Clan with nice members and skilled players. I love duel's, racing, killing people. I'm skilled and playing about 3-4 hours everyday. I have played on Littlewhitey about 2 years now. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Lill_Wayne [ACCEPTED]   Lill_Wayne [ACCEPTED] Icon_minitimeFri Dec 04, 2009 4:11 pm

lol accepted full tag congrats u did great in tests nice to see ur active to congrats and welcome to the family


Lill_Wayne [ACCEPTED] 2-14Lill_Wayne [ACCEPTED] 1-12
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Lill_Wayne [ACCEPTED]
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