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 [ALLIANCES] Current List

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PostSubject: [ALLIANCES] Current List   Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:53 am

This Is a Up To Date List On Who We Are Freindly WIth ATM:

Clan alliance

- None (ATM)

Most People From The Clans Above Shall not give You Problems, but in the case they do feel free to shot back.

- Feel Free To Apply For A Clan Relationship at Any Time You Want -
-- If Someone From The Above Clans Shots You Feel Free To Shot Back --
--- If You Have Problems Remember You Have A Clan For A Reason ---
---- If You Cant Help With anything its best to stay out of it ----
----- IF they shot You It May Be Because They Dont Know Tell Them And They Should Stop -----

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[ALLIANCES] Current List
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